How to rest properly and keep energy levels high?

As a wannabe-be-ultra-productive person, I often exhaust myself quite a lot. Depending on my hunter or sheep period of the day, I’ve found out a lot of good and bad patterns regarding spending and recharging energy. While there are differences between people of different psychological and biological profiles, a lot of things are largely similar. Scrolling Facebook or watching TikTok videos for an hour will drain a lot of energy from an introvert or an extrovert and your metabolism will not be a factor either.

You have different resources to bring into your daily life. Some are Game of Life based like sports, good sleep, and healthy food. Others, like your mental and emotional power, are Game of Self stuff. This means if you think and feel emotionally or mentally energetic, you actually are… for real.

So we arrive at an immediate conclusion – Energy is not a single thing. Game of Life and Game of Self mixes are always complex interacting systems.

So what types of energy levels exist? Just remember all of the places, where you can feel tired:

  • The Body (say after walking all day… or even worse, not moving all day).
  • The Eyes (after time in front of screens, reading, driving, eye-tracking objects, or by bad lighting).
  • The Brain (say after a whole day of work, communication, decision making, and multitasking).
  • The Emotions (after conflicts, traumatic events, or destructive thoughts in your head).

Now each of these influences the others in some way. But to understand the source of low energy levels, we have to understand where we get hit first before analyzing how the damage spreads.

Your energy levels (all of them) are critical for being in Hunter Mode. When they go down, you often descend into Sheep Mode and this can quickly become a vicious cycle – when in Sheep Mode your Game of Self is low, driving your Brain and Emotion levels down too. This is the main reason why it’s not that easy to become a hunter again and why the hacks need to come from say The Body – sleeping, running, or taking a cold shower is a good idea to get rid of Sheep mode.

Now let’s see how each of the energy levels works.

Body Energy Levels

Eyes’ Energy Levels

Mental Energy Levels

Emotional Energy Levels

To be continued…

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