I Grow Younger is founded by Kalin Karakehayov, a Bulgarian startup founder.

Through school, his (unfinished) university, his career as a professional chess player and coach, and a 15-year long journey as an entrepreneur, Kalin had a single common observation: Things are not as they seem to be.

We were brought up by our parents and society to think that the world has order and innate fairness. Then we enter life and realize it’s a mess of beautiful imperfection, both in ourselves and the chaos around us. Not only were most of us unprepared for this by our disaster of an education system and cultural lies but we have to actively unlearn many of the myths acquired along the way.

This is why we called this place “I Grow Younger” – Here we leave behind the baggage of growing up, and want to clear the cultural fog that surrounds us.

We want to see the world and ourselves for what they truly are, starting, if needed, from scratch.

While technically being a self-help blog in some sense, I Grow Younger will not sound like one. In self-help literature, you are the center of attention, which brings along a lot of unnecessary pressure. Here it’s not about you, it’s about truth. It’s about how things happen in your head and how the world works. Once you realize how it all works, changes will inevitably happen as once the truth gets to your heart, it cannot be unlearned. We’ll do our best to give you the best ideas but it’s ultimately up to you and to chance where all of this will lead you. There are no guarantees in life 🙂

I Grow Younger really tries to focus on what’s important. A major problem with existing self-help attempts is size. From shallow memes and tweets of 20 words that surely miss the important context, to bloated books that overcomplicate a simple concept to make the author feel like a bigger expert, almost everyone has a size problem. There is one way to get this one right and we’ll follow it:

  1. Start writing
  2. Stop, when you have covered everything important
  3. Delete everything non-essential

People always have too many details on their minds, it’s a major reason to miss the basic principles that govern their lives and the world. We’ll try to be short and simple.

I Grow Younger aims to be clear and factually correct. Here are the principles we follow for this:

  • Every concept is generic unless specified otherwise. When we talk about money, this should cover cash, bank deposits and Bitcoin. If Bitcoin does not follow the same concept for some reason, it should be specified as an exception right then and there and not be left for guessing. If we say entrepreneurship is great, this obviously has some exceptions, like if you’re a doctor – so it will be mentioned then and there that not all fields are entrepreneur-friendly. If you feel we missed a major exception when explaining a concept, let us know.
  • Every claim that is backed by science will be linked to credible sources like peer-reviewed papers. As even this does not guarantee that errors won’t happen, if you’re an expert in a field we have covered and you have a different opinion over a scientific claim, let us know.
  • We limit the amount of storytelling we use. Storytelling in non-fiction is basically a tool for manipulation as it bypasses our critical thinking filters unless we are specifically trained to avoid this. While great storytelling can make concepts closer to your heart and definitely has its place, we’ll not overuse it, because we’re here first for the truth and then for the fuzzy warm feelings that stories bring.

A growing dedicated team will manage the content’s visual appearance, as Kalin can only write and his graphic skills are non-existent 🙂

We encourage all constructive feedback and suggestions for extra sources in the comments. The posts will grow and be refined forever so you can keep coming back.

The project is self-financed because Kalin feels guilty not-nearly-enough-but-still-slightly-uncomfortable that his for-profit company contributes nothing to a better world (except providing some jobs).

But you can help greatly by sharing our content!


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