Business is the act of making money in a free market.

It’s a “trap word”, because it’s a big complex process and when we assign a single word to those, our brain cannot grasp the whole idea and promptly blocks further thought to prevent a confusion overload. But we’re here to clear the fog.

Let’s suppose you want to start one. You’re excited about your idea but anxious and mostly don’t know what you’re doing. You’ve read that 90% of businesses fail and this doesn’t sound promising at all.

How to engage your business idea then? Here are a few reassuring facts to get your optimism back:

  1. You and other people participate in a free market of goods, services, labor, attention, and information.
  2. Most other people don’t know shit about how to handle all this value flow and just copy everyone around them.
  3. Due to supply and demand laws in the free market, the more people in the same business, the more fucked up they get.
  4. To give the world something with the demand that won’t is copied by many others, makes you win big in this game.
  5. You can give it in a billion ways, the options are almost infinite. Try ideas wisely following the speed and scale rules.

What do you want from a business? There are 2 main ideas – to be happy (do what you love… or love what you do, if it wasn’t the expected) and to be successful/profitable.

To be happy is a personal thing, you’ll probably find your way, everyone is different in this regard. So let’s focus on being successful. Because if you’re happy but it all fails, happiness will be short-lived.

Here are some core success principles:

  1. If you manage to accumulate any type of value every day/week/month, you eventually get a lot over time. (create assets)
  2. Don’t trust the future. Projects that require constant investments or hard work will fail when you feel low or times are bad. (don’t create liabilities)
  3. Don’t have a single point of failure in a big project, always have backup plans of similar value. There are always surprises. (don’t lean into optimism)
  4. Don’t launch with an indispensable co-founder. People part ways for various reasons and this should not end the business too. (don’t be long term dependable)

To be continued…

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