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Social change is hard work and you don’t have to do it alone. Join I Grow Younger in creating more happiness, prosperity and equality through a comprehensive attempt to change the human mindset.

Your efforts will not be in vain.

If you write for us, we’ll make sure people read it.
If you draw for us, we’ll make sure people see it.
If you share our content, we make sure it’s worth sharing.

Self-love, science, nonconformism. Do we share similar values? You wouldn’t want to join in on a cause you don’t believe in.

Find out more about who we are and how we create our content. Do our work methods meet your quality criteria?

  • Share our posts on social media, mentioning that while long, they are packed with value and worth a read.
  • Recommend specific posts to specific people when they seem to need the core concept. One recommendation can change a life.
  • Mention us when creating any relevant long term content of yours: blog posts, videos, journalism.
  • Help the I Grow Younger ideas receive media attention in any form.
  • Comment on our posts! Thoughts and personal experience on our topics are highly appreciated.
  • Suggest edits where something can be explained better, sources can be improved or it seems all wrong.
  • Design graphs and charts that would illustrate our concepts visually.
  • Draw illustrations for our existing stories and poetry.
  • Write stories or poetry related to our topics yourself.
  • Help with translations and translation proofreading (any language).
  • Help with creating versions of the content (eg. a kids friendly version).
  • Collect feedback from readers. We want to know if and in what way we’re helping (or not).

Every idea of yours about a new type of content will be considered.

  • Share this page with people who might want to help too.
  • Recommend us people with similar ideas so we can brainstorm and support each other.
  • Help us find celebrities and influencers who would want to be ambassadors of our ideas.
  • Help us find employees for our few paid positions.

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