Money is a virtual fuel that the modern world uses to facilitate most processes in The Game of Life.

It’s supported by nothing other than our mutual agreement and trust that it holds value. We can say that the trust in money is the most universal type of trust for almost all of human society. Different people believe (or don’t) in different gods and ideologies but somehow they all believe in money.

Living in a money-driven world is the current human condition. Is this the best way or simply a step in our collective evolution? This is a tough question. But maybe it’s also not that important. If we learn to understand and care for each other and prevent scarcity among the less privileged, we’ll be happy with or without money as a tool.

But whether you like them or not, you should definitely understand money. And understanding requires getting a bit closer and tossing away barriers and fears, related to money and its absence (scarcity). Don’t be afraid to have or to owe money, it’s just a useful tool in your life, one that should be approached logically, not emotionally.

As we know, money directly cannot buy happiness, love, or any really important thing in life. But money and freedom are quite connected in practice and freedom is what gives space for everything beautiful in life to exist. So under the radar, money is almost everywhere in your life. As we mentioned before, if you were a car, money is the car service. You could theoretically not use it but it would limit many of your options.

Not having money for essentials, especially when caring for a family, is constant stress that no human should have to go through. It’s a bad situation that leads to bad life choices and we have to understand and likely restructure a bit our capitalist society, so no one is left behind.

I consider money to be a “trap word”, one of those general words that we say all the time but don’t really understand.

The other trap words are such because they are general and complex. Work or religion have so many components that our brain has this aura of inconceivable complexity tied to the word and doesn’t really want to go deep in the concept, resulting in shallow choices.

Money, you can argue, is simple, everyone knows what it is and has experience with it from a young age. Then surely we should be able to understand it? Well, no.

The problem is money is a concept of quantity and our brains can’t really deal with those intuitively. There was nothing to quantify when we evolved in a cave with little to no possessions 50,000 years ago.

In life, we need money over a long period of time. As already said, humans don’t have great intuition about time either. So money over time thoughts are a disaster.

Mathematics is here to help but as you don’t want complex equations in your daily choices, we have to find a way to bridge mathematics back to the intuitive level. A lot of this has to do with understanding exponential functions intuitively, which is not that hard once you’ve seen a few.

But math and Game of Life knowledge alone won’t do it. You need to know what’s possible in your relationship with money and understand your Game of Self barriers. Almost all people have them and they are a huge part of the problem.

People simply don’t believe how easy it is to make money. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy:

  1. Everyone believes there are no free lunches;
  2. Some amount of free lunches pop around in a dynamic economy but people don’t look for them or pass them by;
  3. Almost no one has a free lunch ever and even the ones who have stayed quiet or are widely disbelieved by the rest;
  4. Everyone still believes there are no free lunches…

And one day I found a definite free lunch in my industry and this day my life changed, I suddenly saw in detail felt how this cycle works and the amazing advantage I was going to have by simply believing in free lunches. An entirely Game of Self leap.

Once you believe that anything is possible, things get easier. I regard all goals, related to money (and most goals in general) as a stupid unnatural concept. We didn’t evolve for specific goals; When living in scarcity 50,000 years ago it was useless to say “let’s kill 10 mammoths this season”. We got as many as we could because life was harsh, sometime it would be 7, sometime it would be 12 and we’d still fully utilize them. Goals are a luxury of the modern world and detach us from our natural tenaciousness, the beauty, and power of flow, and the fact that potential is almost limitless.

Now, if we don’t have goals, what do we want and how do we achieve them?

Your ideal relationship with money has three core principles, let’s list them and then we’ll expand one by one:

  • Earn as many big chunks of easy/fun money as possible;
  • Aim to have enough money so you don’t have to care about expenses like rent and food;
  • Investing in yourself and your life/work is better than saving/investing anywhere else;

To be continued…

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