What if clicking on some green links can change your life!? It can.

What if you understood the building blocks that compose your life? There are right here.

What if you were always driven and tried everything until you improve and succeed? You can be.

What if you never had to do anything that neither helps you or makes you happy? You may never again have to.

What if you always treated yourself like the love of your life? You still can.

What if you always overcame inertia and changed for the better every day? You could.

What if you saw life for what it is, a structure, whose navigation is the art or living? You can learn to.

What if your language was matched to an intuitively clear structure of concepts? You can match it.

What if you knew what makes you tick, change and improve? You can learn it.

What if you felt the passage of time with your whole being and never made too much of any single moment? You can learn to.

What if you could educate 10 times faster while having fun instead of pressure? You can, if we destroy the current system.

What if you never felt bad because of numbers, grades, money or time but had the feel to excel in those nonetheless? You can.

What if you were never afraid of doing the wrong thing? You don’t have to cling to the identity of being a 100% moral person. Don’t fear.

What if you were immune to religion, cults, populism and wishful thinking in all its forms? Understand how they work.

What if you never got tricked into dedicating years of your life to a questionable outdated system? You can avoid it.

What if love made you happy regardless of reciprocity and never generated toxic feelings? It can.

What if you always gave the right amount of fucks about anything? No more future fucks given in vain.

What if you believed with your whole being in the possibility of achieving anything? You should because it’s true.

What if you understood the shortcomings of self-discipline and never let it hamper your progress? You can have more fun.

What if you never divided your life into work, fun and other unhelpful categories? You can be one whole.

What if you understood when is the right time to change? You definitely can.

What if you understood how earning money is just a game we play? Switch it from hard to easy mode!

What if you understood why some businesses succeed while most fail? It’s not hard to.

What if you felt how your energy levels work and never depleted them? You can have enough energy.

What if you understood how tribal culture damages our society and became part of the solution? You can help.


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