I Grow Younger

is a bold attempt to describe life in 30+ evergrowing posts and leave nothing important behind.

Mind shifting views and practical tips to apply them

I Grow Younger finds stuff we can all do better. A self-help blog for humanity itself.

The change starts with you. Be happy about it, bring freedom to yourself and others and why not better work and more money too.

If no one talks about stuff OR culture is wrong about it… AND it’s important… AND we’re all part of the problem… AND It’s easy to solve…

I Grow Younger will split it into basic concepts, analyse and suggest a practical solution you can be a part of.

Because the way we feel about so much stuff is deeply flawed. Let’s grow younger together 🙂

Fundamental posts to help you understand the I.GY ways


We divide everything in existence into stuff in your head (The Game of Self) and stuff in the real world (The Game of Life)


Personal growth is easy and natural if you manage to be a hunter, not a sheep. Learn all the hunter moves here!


Good and Evil are constructs, not actual forces. The Fundamental forces in your life/the universe are Chaos and Structure.

Your journey through our content will be fun and look nothing like typical self-help advice and yet the main idea is to help you undestrand yourself, other humans and the world. If this happens and we make you smile and laugh, mission accomplished 🙂

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