I Grow Younger

is a bold attempt to describe life in 30+ evergrowing posts and leave nothing important behind.

Mind shifting views and practical tips to apply them

I’m Kalin Karakehayov, the founder of I Grow Younger. I also lead a marketing company of 80+ great people. Our work there doesn’t contribute shit to this world.

We’re a supply chain link in a useless zero sum fight for John’s attention on the other side of the globe. We move $ around, get some $ and produce… nothing at all.

The fact that the world has vacuum that a business like ours profitably fills, should make us question the systems we have built and and the incentives we offer people;

The fact that society somehow rewards companies like ours more than doctors and teachers, should bring up tough questions about the ugly sides of capitalism;

The fact that given such unfairness, we should help each other, share our money, knowledge and resourses as collective “fuel”, a treasure of the planet, is obvious.

So share I will. I Grow Younger has my long term funding and the goal of losing money for the benefit of the world and no, you can’t donate! Share us around instead 🙂

The fact that I love this whole mess… is twisted 🙂 Forget your assumptions and dive in with me! I Grow Younger is an honest, yet fun, take on the world and ourselves.

Fundamental posts to start with


We divide everything in existence into stuff in your head (The Game of Self) and stuff in the real world (The Game of Life)


Personal growth is easy and natural if you manage to be a hunter, not a sheep. Learn all the hunter moves here!


Good and Evil are constructs, not actual forces. The Fundamental forces in your life/the universe are Chaos and Structure.

Your journey through our content will be fun and look nothing like typical self-help advice and yet the main idea is to help you undestrand yourself, other humans and the world. If this happens and we make you smile and laugh, mission accomplished 🙂

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